Kent Wessinger's Ph.D. Dissertation

“The relationship between creative practice and socioeconomic crisis in the Caribbean: A path to sustainable growth.”

Category: A Historical Progression

Chapter 3.1: “Paradise” lost in crisis– A historical progression of the Caribbean

Extraordinary innovation, creative methods, and complex technology continue to fuel the growth trajectories of first world nations, while a relevant question remains unanswered in the Caribbean, “Have 40 million people been left behind in regard to global development?” Long- term hardship, global misunderstanding, and lingering points of crisis suggest that the region has been left behind and remains […]

Chapter 3.2: “Paradise” lost in crisis– A historical progression of the Caribbean

Decolonized period (1945-1980): Continuum of disorder. Decolonization, which sets out to change the order of the world is, obviously, a programme of complete disorder. —Fanon, 1990, p. 27 When World War II ended in 1945, only three islands in the Caribbean were independent: Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Cuba. In the next thirty years (1945-1980), which is defined as […]

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